Hand Stitched

All of our products are made in Colorado so we can ensure it will meet the high standards you deserve. 


Outside of our new logo, we've made some improvements to our product line that we're excited to tell you about!

COLORADO MADE: We brought all of our manufacturing to Colorado so we can oversee operations and make sure our products are being made with the attention and care you deserve.

OG SACK DESIGN: We are using 1000D Cordura® for the exterior, coated pack cloth for a lined inner compartment & our straps are made with seat belt webbing to offer style and durability.

LINERS: We now use a 'snap in' technology that allows you to attach or remove liners with ease. We've made it so the liners turn into a cinch sack you can use apart from your OG Sack (or OG Pack) to keep things versatile.

COOLER LINERS + TOTE: We use coated pack cloth on the exterior & insulate it with a premium thermal insert that keeps items hot or cold for hours at a time. It's lightweight, waterproof, easily washable and sturdy (holds up to 30 lbs). With the simple snap/unsnap of a few buttons, you can choose to use it as a liner for your OG Sack or as a Tote Cooler to take on your many adventures.

COLOR CORDS & DESIGNER LINERS: Gives you the option to design your OG Sack the way you want it, by picking out the color cord &/or designer liner that best shows off your individuality and makes your OG Sack destinctively yours.

OG PACK: OG's version of a backpack, sleek and stylish with a 'removable liner + cinch sack'. We also sell laptop and cooler liners for the 'OG Pack'. 


For our loyal customers who supported us all these years, we wanted to make sure you are able to use your current 'OG Sacks' with our 'new snap in' liner system. So we created a strap that velcro's into your retro OG Sack to make it compatible with our new and improved 'snap in' liners (applicable for all OG Sacks purchased before 10.15.17).